Coffee makes the world go round! ♡

We are Well


Picking up good vibes, feeling well – it’s a blend of many things.

Our brand new coffee house concept in Helsinki was opened in November 2016 offering you good vibrations in the morning, during the day and all through the evening. Well, it’s something else, and it’s finally here!

Whether you’re on your way to work, studies, home or hobbies, you can enjoy our natural, fresh vegetarian products as take away, or alternatively, you are welcome to stay and recharge your batteries in our oasis of good vibes. Fresh is the word, yesterday is not in our vocabulary.

Fresh smoothies, Pelican Rouge Fairtrade organic coffee, salads, sandwiches, quark, take your pick – we offer good taste, good choices, good vibrations.

Well, good morning, good afternoon & good night. That’s our promise.

Our menu favorites

Well, we love veggies

The term lacto-ovo-vegetarian sounded a bit too clinical for us, so we decided simply that vegetarian products form the basis of our menu. Moreover, some of our delicacies are complemented with delicious cheeses, fish and poultry. Our products are natural and always daily made – check out our tasty menu below.

Well, let’s get to it!

Our people

Well, hello there!

We thought we’d begin our introduction by telling you that We are here for you… Duh! But of course we are here for You. Our entire professional and positive team is put together in order to make your visit… Well, just perfect!

How & when to get here

Well, here we are

We’re sure that at some point we’ll be along your route, you can find us in Kaisa-talo, Vuorikatu 7 and Terkko Health Hub, Haartmaninkatu 4 (temporarily closed).

Whether you’re headed to work or studies (or perhaps shopping instead?..), home or hobbies, or you’re about to catch a train, bus or subway – we’ll be waiting for you at WELL to make sure you’ll be recharged all the way to your destination, whatever it may be. Or, if you simply feel like hanging out, you are just as welcome!

Opening Hours

  • WELL Kaisa-talo:
  • Mon–Fri: 8-16
  • WELL Terkko:
  • Mon–Fri: --


Well, have your say

Why don’t you stop for a chat when you visit us? If, however, you’re in a hurry or if you think of something you’d like to tell us afterwards, you’ll find our contact info below. And of course, give us feedback! Our ears and eyes are open in all forums.

Join the family

Well, are you our new Star?

We could list all kinds of clichés about the qualities we require for you to become part of our team. Nevertheless, we’re sure a better way is for you to take charge and tell us why WELL should be your workplace. Right now, for example.